Three Beautifully Designed Clay Pots For Cooking

Earthenware is extremely healthy for cooking, because clay preserves natural juices, flavors and all the essential nutrients and vitamins. In addition to making healthy and delicious meals, nice designed clay pot adds decorative touch to your kitchen. It could make a beautiful and unforgettable gift for so many occasions.

Korean Stone Bowl (Dolsot), Sizzling Hot Pot for Bibimbap and Soup


Korean Stone Bowl Made from fine clay and glaze-fired twice using natural glaze;
Not permeable to water, though still breathable;
Can be used for cooking directly on stovetops (gas or electric burner), in ovens and microwaves;

This Stone Bowl is commonly used to make Bibimbaps and serving stews or hot, delicious soups. Also good for crispy brown rice, Korean silken eggs, spicy tofu stew, kimchi stew and a number of other great dishes.

Preparation and Cleaning
The bowl doesn’t require any significant preparation or seasoning. Cleanup is easy after a quick soak in hot water.

User Feedback

  • Food gets delicious and crispy;
  • It keeps my food nice and piping hot;
  • You get that wonderful, crispy rice, just like at the restaurant.

Kyoto Maple Donabe Japanese Hot Pot

Comes in three sizes: 7-1/4-Inch, 8-1/2-Inch and 9-3/4-Inch


Kyoto Maple Donabe Japanese Hot PotKyoto Maple is a traditional donabe pot made of earthenware;
Can be used on the stove top or in the oven;
Always remember to turn the stove on low heat and then increase slowly to desired temperature.

Preparation and Cleaning
It doesn’t need to be soaked in water before first use but you should season it before cooking your first meal. This can be done by making rice porridge in the pot, so that the starches seal the inner glaze’s pores. About 20% of the pot’s volume is filled with rice, and the other 80% with water. Simmer gently for an hour until the rice forms a thick porridge. Allow the pot and porridge to cool to room temperature and then discard. After a few hours wash and wipe off. Let it dry overnight. Make sure that the pot is completely dry before cooking with it because outside bottom might crack from the water vaporizing when applied to heat.
Hand washing with a mild soap is recommended.

User Feedback

  • Very pretty design and can fit a fair amount of ingredients;
  • You can make a whole array of comfort soup-based dishes in this;
  • It can serve quite nicely as a small Dutch oven.

Stoneware Chinese Cooking Black Pot

Size: 4.5 Quart


Ckinese clay potStoneware Chinese cooking pot;
Stove, oven and microwave safe;
Made of clay which enhances flavor and preserves essential nutrients and vitamins;
Retains heat for an extended period of time;
Lead free.

Dishes: stews, soups, baked beans, oven roasted meat, oven baked dishes, searing meat, casseroles.

User Feedback

  • It’s big enough for the whole family;
  • Easy to heat and cook on low fire;
  • It looks great just sitting on the countertop between meals.

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