What are the Pros and Cons of Silicone Cutting Boards?

A cutting board is a necessary and incredibly useful tool in every cook’s arsenal. Chopping boards provide a safe and clean place to cut meats and vegetables when prepare your meal. Every kitchen has at least one, and it’s not unusual to have several boards to use for different types of food. Since cutting boards are used daily finding the right cutting board for your kitchen can make cutting and preparing food much more effortless.
Cutting boards come in various materials and each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. Traditional wooden cutting boards or eco-friendly bamboo boards can be bulky especially if you have several different cutting boards and they require a lot of maintenance in order to last. Glass cutting boards have the hard surface which dulls your knives very quickly. Plastic boards are affordable and easy to clean but they easily warp in the dishwasher and they are not suitable for using with hot foods.
Foldable cutting boards made of food grade silicone are one of the recent kitchen innovations. These silicone boards allow temperatures between -40~260°C which makes them more durable than plastic ones. They are designed to provide the following advantages to the customers:

Silicone is Soft on Knife Edges

You want your knives to maintain the strength and sharpness as long as possible. You can be ensured that your best knives are not quickly damaged against the silicone unlike against marble, stone, steel, or glass which can drastically reduce the longevity of your knives. Silicone creates a cushioned surface cutting mat that protects the knife edge. The silicone is an ideal surface for keeping your kitchen knives in top condition.


Flexible Green Silicone Cutting Board- Dishwasher Safe, Non-Slip, and Heat Resistant by H&G Home

Silicone cutting boards are flexible enough to fold and this feature, allows you to easily transport stuff to a pot or throw the refuse into the garbage bin. You can easily create a funnel and then just to throw what you’ve chopped directly into a frying pan or bowl. This reduces food spillage and makes preparing meals easier.


Bacteria Resistant

High-quality silicone cutting boards have non-porous, scratch resistant surface that will not trap bacteria, which assures safe and hygienic food preparation. Without proper cleaning, cutting boards harbor harmful bacteria and could lead to cross-contamination. You can clean and sanitize these in the dishwasher, which will reduce the risk of transferring bacteria and foodborne illness.

Easy to Maintain

Lagute leChef Silicone Chopping Board 250*365mm (Green)

These cutting boards can save you time you currently spend seasoning and sanitizing your old wooden, cutting boards. They can withstand exposure to water, so you can sanitize them with boiling water or by putting them in the dishwasher without worry of damaging them. Keep in mind that the dishwasher is able to clean the boards more effectively than washing by hand which is important because cutting boards come into contact with a variety of foods.
You can also eliminate harmful bacteria with sterilization in the microwave. Rinse the board to remove any excess food, roll it up and place in the microwave on full power for 1 minute to get sterile cutting surface, for everyday, quick jobs.


Silicone has non-slippery surface which doesn’t shift around when you are cutting things even on very slick counter tops. It grips the counter surface and stays firmly in place while you’re cutting on it, so no accidents or mess to deal with.

Great Design

Casabella Silicone Cutting Board, Set of 4
Casabella Silicone Cutting Board, Set of 4

Silicone cutting boards usually come in colors which are appealing and can brighten up your kitchen. These boards are often color-coded and have icons for each food type. You can designate each color for different purpose to prevent foods from getting contaminated.
Silicone boards often come with a juice groove which catches excess liquid from meats or fruits and prevents juices and blood from leaking onto the countertop.

Convenient Storage

Their foldable quality makes them easy to store after use which is especially helpful if you have small kitchen. They come with a hole for hanging on a hook when not used. You can easily roll up this lightweight and flexible cutting board and take it with you in your picnic basket.


Premium silicone cutting boards are highly resistant to scratches and will withstand a lot of abuse. They won’t bend and crack if you throw them in the dishwasher and leave during drying cycle. They won’t show wear and tear over time like plastic or wooden ones and they never lose their shape.

Disadvantages of Silicone Cutting Boards

The major downside is that the soft surface of silicone cutting boards is vulnerable to damage from knives. After using for a couple of months, the boards will get scratches and cuts marks. The silicone must be very durable to resist sharp knives. Some premium cutting boards are made of silicone that is thicker and more knife-marks resistant.
These boards may have a plasticky smell right out of the package. It may take several washes for that initial smell to disappear. Before you start using it, your new cutting board must be washed thoroughly either by hand or in the dishwasher.
Handling flexible cutting boards may be inconvenient for some people that are used to solid ones.
On the unfavorable side silicone boards are not fully stain resistant. Certain foods like tomato juice and some spices may leave behind stains which are difficult to remove by simple washing.
Among the negative aspects for the silicone cutting boards is a tendency to retain food smells especially after you have been cutting a lot of onions.


Silicone cutting boards are convenient, versatile, knives-friendly, and make it easy to avoid cross-contamination. You can have handy several of them and use them for different purposes. You don’t have to bother about seasoning or complicated sanitization. They are aesthetically pleasing and may enhance the look of your kitchen. You can safely put these cutting boards in the dishwasher to make sure they are clean and sterile. Various colors and food icons can greatly reduce the chance of cross-contamination.
When selecting a cutting board you should base your decision on your specific needs, your kitchen space, and your personal preferences. If you prefer a board that is easy to easy to keep clean and sanitized go for silicone. However, don’t expect them last forever. You will need to replace them with new ones from time to time. They will get cut marks over time, but this also mean that your knifes are safe.
An alternative is to keep a traditional wooden board for major jobs and have multiple silicone cutting boards for dealing with different types of food to ensure safe food preparation environment and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.



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