What Makes Bamboo the Best Material for Cutting Boards?

Kitchen cutting boards come in various widths and sizes, but we usually differentiate the types by the material the cutting board is made of. They are usually made of wood, plastic, glass, marble or granite. More recently, bamboo cutting boards are becoming more in demand as people discover their benefits.

Advantages of a Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo cutting boards are seeing a resurgence in popularity as bamboo is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, glass, or maple. Bamboo chopping boards are versatile products and can provide you more advantages than the wood or plastic varieties that are available on the market today.
What makes bamboo cutting boards superior to their wood and plastic peers?

Green, Renewable and Earth Friendly Material
ORGANIC Bamboo Cutting Board
ORGANIC Bamboo Cutting Board – Extra Large 18″ X 12.5″ with Drip Groove – Greener Chef™

Bamboo is an eco-friendly choice because it grows extremely fast, and is ready to harvest after a few years. Once the bamboo has been harvested, it can regrow without replanting, quickly springing out new bamboo shoots. Eco sensitive bamboo cutting boards, are quickly gaining on popularity as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood cutting boards. Bearing in mind that it is made from the most easily replenished materials in the world, purchasing a bamboo cutting board is a decision you can feel good about.

Hard and Durable
Bamboo Cutting Board Set
CC Boards™ 3-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Bamboo is lightweight but it is actually considered harder than most wood, which makes it a excellent material for a cutting surface. Bamboo is remarkably tough material, 16 percent harder than maple. When used as a cutting surface, bamboo creates an extremely hard and durable product. Bamboo cutting boards resist deep scratches better than wood and last longer than regular wood cutting boards. Those boards are hard enough to allow for good easy cutting while soft enough to not damage your knives.

Knife Friendly Cutting Surface

Bamboo cutting boards are popular because they don’t dull expensive knives as quickly as hardwood cutting boards or the plastic ones.
Since the knife blade is hitting individual strands of grass rather than a solid unyielding surface, your knifes will stay sharper for longer when used on bamboo.

Non-Absorbent Material

Bamboo cutting boards don’t absorb liquids as easily as wooden boards, which makes them less prone to cracking and warping. Being naturally non-porous, bamboo is more resistant to bacteria and can last longer compared to the wooden boards.

Bacterial Resistance
Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board Set
Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Bamboo has natural ability to fight bacteria. Many studies have shown that bamboo cutting boards are healthier to be used than those made of wood. Plastic boards are easily damaged by cutting, which gives microbes their best chance to grow.
Bamboo is a non-porous and knife scarring resistant surface, which makes bamboo chopping boards easy to clean and safe for use in food preparation.

Beautiful Appearance

Bamboo chopping board is not only functional, it is aesthetically pleasing and and looks stunning on your kitchen counter. It gives a clean and elegant look to your kitchen and blends perfectly with any kitchen décor. You can use it on your dining room table as attractive serving board. With little maintenance bamboo chopping boards will keep their smooth and sleek look for a long time.

Low Maintenance

A cutting board made of bamboo resists retaining water and doesn’t absorb odors or stains from your foods, the way other chopping boards do. By simple washing, combined with monthly oil treatments you can preserve the beauty of the bamboo for many years. To keep your cutting board clean wash it with warm soapy water after each use. After working with raw meat you need to sanitize it with white vinegar or solution of diluted bleach. To restore the surface sand lightly with fine sandpaper and apply mineral oil to prevent bamboo from drying out.

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