Proper Cleaning of Induction Cooktops

The only part of the induction cooktop that gets hot is the area under the pot or pan. The surface area around the cookware remains relatively cool, so most spillovers won’t burn onto the surface except for spills that are caught between the cooktop and the bottom of the pot. That is why induction cooktop … Read more

Convenient Storage of Your Cooking Utensils

A cooking utensil holder is an essential piece for any kitchen. It adds functionality to your kitchen more than any other tool or gadget. Kitchen with unorganized cooking utensils can look messy and you may spend a lot of your precious time trying to find the tool you need. Using utensil holders helps organize and … Read more

Eight Reasons to Use Paper Cupcake Liners

The colorful papers that go around the cupcake are a great way to decorate your dessert for special occasions, such as birthday, wedding, baby shower, thanksgiving, gatherings, tea party and more. These decorative wrappers are available in a wide variety of designs and colors and they can be holiday themed to correspond with your special … Read more

Air-Bake Cookie Sheets- Advantages, Imperfections and Care

The new bakeware with Air-Bake technology is advertised to provide more control over baking process and to deliver more consistent baking results than a single layered cookie sheet. An Air-Bake cookie sheet is supposed to eliminate the problem with burnt cookie bottoms, allowing the cookies to cook evenly. Air Bake sheets are constructed with two … Read more

How to Clean and Descale your Keurig Coffee Maker

Hard water leaves residue and mineral build up on the heating elements of your coffee machine. Calcium carbonate is a mineral that remains after the water has evaporated. Your Keurig Coffee Maker may become clogged with mineral scale over time. Mineral deposits make it more difficult for heating elements to heat the water to the … Read more

Pizza Stone Cleaning Tips

The recommended cleaning method for a pizza stone depends on the material your stone is made out of. The directions for cleaning also differ for glazed and unglazed stones. Unglazed pizza stones shouldn’t be cleaned with water and soap. In fact, some manufacturers recommend cleaning the stone without the use of water. Make sure to … Read more

How to Clean Your All-Clad Cookware

Although All-Clad pans are not high-maintenance cookware, they must be properly cleaned after each use. Non-proper maintenance can cause loss of their initial shiny appearance. Here are the most common reasons why your All-Clad cookware doesn’t look as good as it did before.  Using cooking sprays leaves films on the surface, causing discoloration and sticking. … Read more

Proper Usage and Care for Ceramic Blade Knives

Ceramic knife blades are made from a very hard ceramic material called zirconium oxide. A ceramic blade will keep its initial sharpness 10 times longer than its steel counterpart. Impressive sharpness and chemical inertness are the main reasons for ceramic knives’ growing popularity. Being chemically inert, a ceramic blade won’t react with either acidic or … Read more

Natural Food Dyes for Home Baking

Food colors are a type of food additive used to increase the visual appeal of food or drinks. They come in forms of liquids, powders, granules, gels, pastes, and more. Food dyes are widely used in commercial production of foods and beverages. The largest sources of color additives in an average diet include soft drinks, … Read more