7 Reasons to Use Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

Nowadays, products made of bamboo are very widespread and popular. You have probably already noticed a variety of bamboo products in your household. One of the popular applications is for making kitchen utensils and accessories. Today we will answer why bamboo has become so popular in your kitchen and whether you should use it.

1. Environmentally Friendly

The environmentally friendly features of bamboo are the main reason why bamboo kitchen utensils are becoming extremely popular and widely used among eco-conscious individuals. Bamboo is technically a grass and can be cut without killing the plant. When you move grass it doesn’t die – it continues to grow. This makes bamboo a highly renewable, eco-friendly resource. Bamboo grows faster than any wood and can be grown and harvested without the use of pesticides.

2. Lightweight

Bamboo items are functional and comfortable to use. Bamboo cooking equipment and utensils are perfect for picnics, camping, and travel because they are light and 100% biodegradable.

 bamboo forest

3. Durable

Bamboo utensils are extremely strong and durable. Bamboo is surprisingly strong but still light and flexible. Bamboo utensils are long-lasting, and much more durable than wooden and plastic ones.

Bamboo kitchen utensils have a smooth finish and will not get a rough or porous surface after a few months of use.

4. Stain and Odor Resistant

Bamboo is heat-, stain-, and water-resistant material. Bamboo products do not absorb odors and they are very easy to clean.

5. Eye Pleasing

Bamboo kitchen tools add a fresh, natural touch to any kitchen. They would make the perfect gift for weddings, showers, and housewarmings.

6. Safe with Non-Stick Cooking Surfaces

Bamboo cooking utensils will not scratch the non-stick finish on your pans, and will not harm your finest cookware.

7. Affordable 

Bamboo utensils are inexpensive and could be the right choice for people who are on a tight budget.

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3 Eye Appealing Kitchen Accessories Made of Bamboo

1. In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block by Noble Home & Chef


  • Sleek, compact look
  • Fits nicely in a standard kitchen drawer, protects knife edges, and maximizes efficient storage
  • Keeps your knives handy, protected, and organized
  • It holds 8 large handle knives, 8 small steak knives, and additional knife sharpener slots.
  • Made of strong bamboo, a fast-growing, renewable resource

Maintenance: Wash by hand with warm water, and use oil occasionally to extend life and beauty.


  • Fits perfectly in a small-width drawer
  • Fits all sizes of knives, from a 3-inch paring knife to a 12-inch slicer
  • Easy to put the knives in and take them out
  • Much safer and cleaner than upright knife blocks
  • The knives do not slide out of place
  • Perfect for an incomplete set of knives

2. Bamboo Salad Bowl by Lipper International 


  • Measures 14-inches in diameter
  • Beautiful stylish design
  • Strong and durable
  • Thick yet not heavy
  • Perfect for salads, fruits, and cereal
  • Complements any kitchen décor
  • Perfect for 4 servings of salad


  1. The bowl has the perfect balance between style and utility
  2. The wide opening allows easy tossing of a large quantity of salad without spilling it on the counter.


  1. It is a bit more expensive than some other bowls, but it is well worth it.

Maintenance: Wash by hand, using mild soap and warm water. Oil the bowl occasionally, to prevent it from drying out and keep it looking smooth and beautiful.

3. Totally Bamboo Butler’s Serving Tray with Handles


  • 23-inch by 15-inch serving tray made of bamboo originating from one of the largest bamboo plantations in Asia
  • Sturdy, well-constructed, lightweight, and very functional
  • Provides a solid surface for serving drinks and snacks
  • The inside bottom texture is stylishly ribbed to inhibit served items from sliding around
  • Great serving tray for breakfast in bed
  • Perfect for transferring dinner to another room
  • The simple design fits any decor


  • Roomy enough to serve breakfast or tea for two. There is enough space for a dinner plate, a side dish, silverware, a glass, and a napkin
  • Can hold your drink, remote control, magazines, and everything you need while you are on the couch
bamboo fruit bowl

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8 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Use Bamboo Kitchen Utensils”

  1. I agree with pretty much all of that. Olive wood utensils look a little more attractive in my opinion, but bamboo still looks great!

  2. My husband and I are recently married, and we are looking to buy some affordable kitchen utensils. We want utensils that will last without breaking the bank. As you mentioned, bamboo utensils are strong and durable while remaining inexpensive, making them a great choice for those who are on a tight budget. We will consider this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. bamboo sticks are used in the kitchen to make the food tasty or tastier this a natural way to use many types of bamboo sticjks, your other 10 things are really helpful for me.

  4. I’ve had Bamboo utensils in my kitchen for several years used daily, and are still looking great. You can’t wear them out with normal use, I love mine, and recommend them to every one regardless of you financial status.


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