Caring for Your Copper Wind Spinner

Wind spinner is a piece of outdoor decor that captures the wind and rotates when placed in a breezy area. Designed to gracefully spin in the wind, wind spinners add peaceful motion and beauty to your outdoor space. It blends nicely into an outdoor environment and looks attractive in your garden.

Wind spinners add soothing motion to your landscape and bring you relaxing moments while moving silently on a gentle breeze. Watching the spinner rotating on a gentle breeze has a stress-reducing and calming effect.

Copper Wind Sculptures

Copper wind spinners are especially eye-catching because of their elegant shiny finish and overall beauty. Due to their ability to reflect the sun’s light, the shiny copper units can be seen from a long distance. Copper wind sculptures provide a unique peaceful environment and look very attractive even just standing still.


Place the spinner in an open area that receives enough wind to rotate the blades.

Secure the unit into the ground with an anchoring system. If not set into the ground, a spinner needs to be secured to something that helps to keep it upright.

Another way to set a wind spinner is to hang it from a tree or from a hook in your yard. Some wind spinners come with an S-Hook and hanging chain which makes installation and repositions easier.


The copper will oxidize and develop the patina over time when exposed to outside environment. Some people like the weathered copper look. However, if you prefer the original copper shine to the patina, you need to preserve the bright copper finish by treating the unit with a clear lacquer spray before installing.

EVERBRITE 12 Oz. Aerosol Clear, Protective Coating for Metal (Product from Amazon)

Everbrite Aerosol Clear, Protective Coating is a good choice for protecting metals from oxidation, corrosion, and tarnishing.

After installing and applying the protective coating, copper wind sculptures are virtually maintenance free.

Solidly built copper wind sculptures are weatherproof and can remain outdoors year-round. Some people still prefer bringing the unit indoors for the winter.

Some owners mount their wind sculptures to a concrete floor to prevent them from being stolen.

Tips for Purchasing

Some units need a stronger wind to move. If you want your spinner to rotate in the slightest breeze, you might want to consider a unit with a theme of spinning ficus leaves. Such shape of the blade enables the sculpture to catch more wind.

Avoid wasting your money on cheaper spinners as they can look flimsy, create noise, or don’t run smoothly. They are not constructed to withstand strong winds and probably wouldn’t last for a long time. It would be worth spending extra money on a high-quality brand to make sure that the unit is solidly built and would move easily in the breeze. High-quality wind spinner will run effortlessly and silently and is made to last for decades. It will bring you a chance to enjoy many quiet afternoons in your garden.

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