What Is the Best Outdoor Food Cover?

Eating outdoors gives you an opportunity to relax and enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of nature. Green spaces make eating more exciting and can make your meals taste better. Unfortunately, when you are enjoying your food and beverages outdoors, some unwanted guests can spoil your appetite. To enjoy your delicious meal in peace, … Read more

Silicone Handle Covers: Why Do You Need Them?

When removing a hot pan from the stove or taking it out of the oven, you can accidentally burn your hands. This is particularly related to bare cast iron pans that can remain hot long after it is removed from the heat source. To protect your hands from hot pan handles you can use often … Read more

How to Use and Clean Glass Teapots

Can You Boil Tea in a Glass Teapot? Teapots can be made from glass, stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, porcelain, or clay. Each of these materials has its own set of pros and cons and the choice of the proper utensil is often determined by individual requirements or preferences. Glass teapots are gaining popularity because … Read more

5 Types of Oven Gloves

Heat-resistant cooking gloves protect your hands and prevent accidental burns while lifting hot pots and pans, or when taking hot dishes out of the oven or microwave. They also make working over the grill and smoker much safer. Waterproof, heat-resistant gloves protect your hands during frying, or when stirring hot liquids. They can also be used … Read more

Natural Food Dyes for Baking

Food colors are a type of food additive used to increase the visual appeal of food or drinks. They come in the form of liquids, powders, granules, gels, pastes, and more. Food dyes are widely used in the commercial production of foods and beverages. The largest sources of color additives in an average diet include … Read more

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