Carbon Steel vs Stainless Steel Frying Pan: Which One Is a Better Fit for You?

Can you imagine a kitchen without stainless steel cookware? Most households have at least a few stainless-steel cooking items. In addition to stainless steel cookware, more passionate cooks are likely to have at least one skillet made of carbon steel. If you are not an experienced chef but spend a lot of time in the … Read more

Cooking with a Blue Steel Pan

What is Blue Steel? Bluing is a special surface-hardening treatment that makes the steel more resistant to rust. During the process of oxidation, a thin layer of blue-black iron oxide is formed on the surface, giving the steel partial protection against rust and a beautiful blue-black appearance. Bluing treatment makes the metal harder, but it … Read more

7 Good Reasons to Have a Carbon Steel Pan

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to Teflon and are not happy with the performance of your cast iron cookware, you may want to consider purchasing a carbon still pan. It can do nearly everything that your heavy cast iron pan can, but for some cooking tasks, a carbon still pan might outperform … Read more

Seasoning and Cleaning Your Carbon Steel Pan

Carbon steel cookware may come pre-seasoned, and these pans have a dark color. Some other steel pans have a silver color, which is the original color of carbon steel. This cookware is usually coated with a protective film to prevent rusting during shipping. This shipping sealant must be removed before seasoning. A carbon steel pan … Read more

What is the Best Pan for Cooking Paella?

If you love this most recognized Spanish dish you need to have an appropriate piece of cookware in your kitchen? If you want to make a truly delicious paella you must use a pan that is designed to do the job efficiently. This famous rice dish is traditionally cooked outdoors over an open fire and … Read more

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