Cooking and Baking with Terracotta Kitchenware

What is Terracotta? Terracotta is a reddish/brown colored earthenware clay that is kiln-fired at low temperatures. Iron compounds and heat intensity are responsible for terracotta’s brownish-orange color. The color of terracotta earthenware may range from earthy shades of brown to lively reds. After firing, the clay loses its water and becomes a solid, but still … Read more

How to Use and Maintain Clay Cookware

How to Prepare Clay Pot before the First Use? Unglazed clay pots require some preparation before they are ready for use. To prepare the clay pot for cooking for the first time, immerse it in a clean bucket of water for at least one hour. You can leave it overnight in a sink completely covered … Read more

How to Choose Earthenware for Healthy Cooking?

As you look for new ways to improve the quality of your diet, you should not overlook the cookware used to make your healthy meals. The vessels you choose directly affect the taste and nutrition value of a meal. Certain cookware materials can react with particular foods or release toxic gases when they are heated … Read more

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