Reusable Coffee Pods for More Sustainable Coffee Habit

The use of single-serve beverage makers has recently become increasingly popular. In the United States, almost a third of the population owns a single-serve coffee-making system. One of the reasons behind the fast-growing preference for single-serve makers is convenience. You simply need to insert a K-cup into the machine, hit ‘start’, and then dispose of … Read more

Reusable Drinking Straws vs Single-Use Straws

Plastic drinking straws come with most beverages sold in restaurants, pubs, bars, and coffee shops, but they are also widely used in homes, workplaces, and parties. Typically disposed of into general waste, many of them end up in the ocean, harming marine life and causing other environmental damage. To help reduce marine pollution and protect … Read more

Palm Leaf Plates – Pros and Cons

Disposable plates and cutlery are convenient for outdoor events and social occasions where there are no running water or dish-cleaning facilities. Single-use tableware can save time and eliminate the hassle of cleaning dirty dishes. However, non-biodegradable disposable dinnerware has a very harmful effect on the environment. Using compostable single-use dinnerware may be a good way … Read more

How Does Bamboo Flatware Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic accumulation in landfills has negative impacts on the environment. Plastic is resistant to decomposition and can pollute lands, groundwater, and oceans, posing a great threat to marine life. Reducing single-use plastic items is vital in order to reduce non-compostable waste and protect the planet from plastic pollution. Using environmentally-friendly disposable cutlery instead of plastic … Read more

Which Compostable Plates Should You Choose for Your Party?

Disposable tableware is the best alternative to regular ceramic or glass plates for occasions such as brief family dinners, picnics, get-togethers, and any outdoor event. Disposable dishes and utensils are practical and extremely convenient for such types of occasions. However, some disposable tableware is produced using materials that cannot be recycled and therefore can be … Read more

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