Soapstone Cookware – Brazil’s Culinary Gift to the World

About Soapstone Soapstone (or steatite) is a bluish-gray rock, composed mostly of the mineral talc, which is rich in magnesium. The use of soapstone is deeply engraved in the culture of Brazil, where locals have been using it to craft cookware for centuries now. Because of the high talc content, this rock is incredibly easy … Read more

Granite Fry Pans with Durable Non-Stick Coating

The term „granite pan“ is usually associated with frying pans that have a granite-like coating. This granite look of the interior comes either from the granite/stone particles or from other materials and colors that are not derived from stone. Cookware manufacturers produce pans with granite designs because the granite-style interior has an attractive/rustic look and … Read more

How to Take Care of a Pizza Stone

The recommended cleaning method for a pizza stone depends on the material your stone is made out of. The directions for cleaning also differ for glazed and unglazed stones. Unglazed pizza stones shouldn’t be cleaned with water and soap. In fact, some manufacturers recommend cleaning the stone without the use of water. Read the instructions … Read more

Set of Baking Stones vs. Single Pizza Stone

The pizza stone also called the baking stone is a versatile baking tool that offers the perfect base for baking goods with nice crispy edges. Natural stone has moisture-absorptive properties that help prevent sogginess and ensure a crispy bottom crust. Even heat distribution allows baking pizza without burned spots and gives the perfect balance of … Read more

Using Stoneware for Baking

Stoneware is a type of clay that has been fired at a very high temperature to produce sturdy, safe, and chip-resistant materials. The approximate temperature used for firing stoneware is 2,185° F and the process takes about 12 hours to complete. Stoneware is known for its strength and durability. It is safe to use at … Read more