Silicone Wine Glasses – an Alternative to Genuine Glass

Regular wine glasses are visually appealing and they enable consumers to enjoy all aspects of good wine, but using glass can be inconvenient in some situations. Ordinary glasses are too fragile, especially those made of thinner glass. They are not perfect for outdoor events when you have to worry about breaking the delicate glass.

Regular glasses are inconvenient to pack in your backpack for camping or when you want to enjoy other outdoor pursuits.

Till recently drinking wine outdoors while breathing fresh air was possible only through the use of disposable plastic cups. In addition to being toxic, plastic cups are also bulky and breakable. The use of disposable cups also creates an increase in the trash that ends up in the landfill in enormous amounts where they add to the global waste crises. An active outdoor person wants to use reusable products and enjoy food and drink without damaging the environment.

Innovative companies have come up with the new reusable drinking vessels made from a material that doesn’t break. These new, durable glasses are made of thick food-grade silicone. They are designed for any type of outdoor gathering and casual daily use.

Some people readily take full advantage of these new products while others believe that wine tastes better in a glass and that glass substitutes take you away from all of the nuanced flavors and better-tasting experience of anything you happen to be drinking.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the newest alternative to traditional wine glasses.

Advantages of Silicone Glasses

There are several reasons you may like silicone wine glasses:


These drinking vessels are made with durable silicone and they are completely shatter-proof. You can carry your drink with you without fear of breaking the glass. These glasses will not break if you happen to drop them or throw them in the sink. They can be squeezed or smashed, and they will return to their original shape.


The glasses are comfortable to hold onto and do not slip out of your hand. Although they are soft to the touch and malleable they are still firm enough to carry around your beverage without fear of spilling. The cups keep your beverage cold but don’t cause your hand and fingers feel unpleasantly cold. Your hands, also, will not raise the temperature of the beverage you drink.
Silicone glasses will not sweat when filled with iced beverages as normal glasses or plastic cups would. That means fewer water stains on your furniture.

Safe and Eco-Friendly

Silicone glasses are made with the food-grade, FDA approved silicone. Silicone is a safe food contact material when used for a low-temperature application. There are still not enough researches to prove that silicone is food contact safe material for long-term use at high temperatures. You can use silicone glasses for cold beverages or put them in the freezer without fear of transferring any chemicals. Just be sure to wash them properly before first use.

Reusable silicone drinking vessels are a more environmentally responsible option than the disposable cups that create trash problems. By offering waste-free events these cups help reduce the amount of landfill waste.

Handy for Outdoor Events

It’s never a good idea to serve drinks in ordinary glasses when there is the possibility of injury due to broken glass. Using silicone glasses is a nice solution for enjoying the wine poolside or in other outdoor areas where glass is not safe.
They are handy when working in the yard or resting in a hammock. It is easy to bring them to a summer picnic or on a camping trip.


Although these unbreakable glasses are intended for wine, they can be filled with all types of beverages. They easily hold water, beer, soda, juice, or your favorite cocktail. You can use them, like ice makers, kitchen prep bowls, or to put the kid’s snacks in them.
The flexible silicone glasses are heat and cold tolerant and suitable for a temperature range from -46°F to 460°F (-40°C to 230°C).
The sets with the “his” / “hers” labels make for a playful wedding or anniversary gift.

Easily Washable

If you use them for red wine, they don’t stain. You can easily wash them with hot, soapy water or they can go through the dishwasher. They’ll withstand many rounds in the dishwasher and they will never fade, warp or chip.

Light Weight and Packable

Since the silicone glasses can be flattened they are convenient to place in your suitcase without taking up too much space. They can be carried in a backpack or bag without having to worry about scratches or dents. Whatever pressure is exerted on the surface of the silicone wine glass, they just pop right back into its original shape ready to be used once the pressure has been released.

Safe for Children

Sometimes you are hesitant to take out the glassware especially where there are children or pets running around. If you are looking for something worry-free for your kids to drink from you will be fond of the silicone drinking cups.
The silicone glasses ensure easy handling by children because the glasses are soft and their little hands have a better grip on them.
Children are excited to drink juice from them. When glasses come in different colors kids can know which cup belongs to him/her.
These glasses are also a safer option for persons who have a serious issue with dropping things over the regular glass cups.

Disadvantages of Silicone Wine Glasses

  1. These glasses are fairly flexible to the touch and if you use a strong grip when picking or holding them your drink may spill out. Make sure you don’t overfill them and don’t squeeze too hard when picking them up.
  2. They have a slight plastic smell out of the box. The smell should go away after running them through the dishwasher. A solution of white vinegar and water left in the glasses overnight also works well to eliminate that initial smell.
  3. The glasses tend to collect dust and animal hair on the outside surface. Make sure you always store these properly to stay clean and ready to use.
  4. The true glass is more pleasing to the eye. Although silicone glasses are superior to the plastic ones they are not suitable for social settings that require specific serving procedures.
  5. True glass makes the experience of wine much more pleasant for consumers. Wine lovers prefer genuine glass over their alternatives and they even chose specific glasses for certain wines.
  6. The opening is too small and most people have to squeeze the sides of the glass to be able to drink out of the opening. Such a small opening doesn’t allow the consumer’s nose to smell wine’s aroma and to truly enjoy all aspects of the wine.

Glasses made of silicone have many advantages over traditional glass cups. Additionally, these glasses are so much fun and such a conversation piece. On the other hand, there are occasions when you prefer to pour, serve and taste your favorite wine from elegant and aesthetically pleasing wine glasses. Silicone and conventional wine glasses are not mutually exclusive products. These two types of glasses can actually complement each other. Therefore, keep your beautiful glass and use it for special occasions or when you want to get the most out of your favorite wine. When breakage is a concern and you worry that someone could be injured, keep ready a set of these practical silicone cups. Cheers!

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