Cooking and Baking with Terracotta Kitchenware

What is Terracotta? Terracotta is a reddish/brown colored earthenware clay that is kiln-fired at low temperatures. Iron compounds and heat intensity are responsible for terracotta’s brownish-orange color. The color of terracotta earthenware may range from earthy shades of brown to lively reds. After firing, the clay loses its water and becomes a solid, but still … Read more

Pure Ceramic vs Ceramic Coated Cookware

Types of ceramic cookware In recent times, ceramic non-stick cookware has become known as one of the most popular types of cookware on the market and it is advertised as a safe alternative to Teflon. Ceramic coating offers the benefits of non-stick cooking surface without the dangers of PFOA, a potentially toxic chemical used in … Read more

Is There Shatter-Proof Glass Cookware?

Glass is completely chemical-free and eco-friendly material. It may be a good choice if you are considering stocking your kitchen with healthy cookware. Glass baking dishes are considered safe for contact with food, because glass is a nonporous and chemically inert material. Glass dishes will not leach chemicals or metal traces into your meals and … Read more