Cheap vs Expensive Ceramic Coated Cookware

Ceramic-Coated Cookware gained popularity during the last decade because it was considered a safe alternative to Teflon. All ceramic coatings are free of PTFE and PFOA, the two substances that have picked up a lot of negative publicity. Here are some benefits that ceramic cookware with a non-stick coating can offer to potential buyers: Common Complaints About Cheap … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops have grown in popularity within the past decade due to their instant heating capability and energy-saving potential. Induction technology uses spinning magnets to transfer the heat directly to the cooking utensil, without heating the cooktop surface. Induction cooktops seem to have the potential to become the preferred cooking device type in both commercial and home … Read more

What are the Safest Non-Stick Pans?

Non-stick pans are an essential part of every kitchen due to their great convenience when cooking with foods that tend to stick. Another plus is the ease of cleaning as non-stick coating keeps food from sticking, so there is no burned food to clean. Nonstick cookware can also provide health benefits by cutting down the amount of … Read more

Is Ceramic-Coated Cookware Food-Safe?

The leaching of chemicals into food is one of the major concerns of non-stick cookware. During the cooking process, some of the components used in the production may contaminate the cooked food. Ingesting a metal not only affects the taste of your meal but has been linked to potential health risks. The accumulation of metals in … Read more

Affordable vs. Expensive Enameled Cast Iron Skillets

Enameled cast iron is among the most popular materials for a pan that will be used for daily cooking and baking tasks. After abandoning potentially toxic Teflon and aluminum cookware people have turned to healthier alternatives such as enamel-coated cast iron. Enamel coating on the cast iron construction is formed when the porcelain glaze is … Read more

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