Ceramic Cookware Safety Issues

Leaching is one of the major safety concerns when it comes to the use of cookware. This is the process by which some of the components used in making the cookware gets released during use and seeps into the food being cooked. Ingesting a small amount of metal used in making the cookware not only … Read more

The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri

 Description The Stone Earth Pan is a truly non-stick pant that won’t wear out over time. Ultra-safe stone-based coating won’t leach chemicals into your food. Fried eggs just slide around in the pan without any butter or oil. The pan gets hot quickly and keeps an even cooking temperature without hot spots. The textured cooking surface allows … Read more

Stone Coated Pots and Pans by Stoneline

Stone Lined Cookware Stone coated cookware is made die-cast aluminum or stainless steel core covered with a thin layer of finely crushed stone on the inside of the pan. This cookware is generally lighter compared to pure stone cookware. The stone particles are mixed with a non-stick element to achieve the highest level of abrasion-resistance … Read more