Safe Non-Stick Pans

Non-stick pans are an essential part of every kitchen due to their convenience and time-saving benefits. These pans are easy to use and cleaning is very effortless. Nonstick cookware can also provide health benefits by offering the possibility of cooking with a small amount of fat.

Safety Concerns for Non-stick Cookware

Unfortunately, some traditional non-stick pans can leach harmful chemicals into your food, or they can release toxic gasses into the air when heated. This kind of cookware is also known to create chemical byproducts and pollutants during the production process.

The two chemicals that cause for concern in traditional nonstick cookware is PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), and PTFE (the chemical name for “Teflon”). PFOA is a potentially unhealthy byproduct that can contaminate our water and soil. PTFE is a potentially hazardous chemical that when heated over above 500°F (260°C), releases fumes that can kill indoor birds and cause hallucinations and flu-like symptoms in people.

Is There Safe Non-Stick Cookware

Manufacturers have responded to growing consumer demand for safe alternatives to nonstick cookware and have begun to make non-stick cookware using more eco-friendly, PTFE free and PFOA free materials. Now, there is a wide range of non-stick pans on the market that can withstand high cooking temperatures without the potential negative health effects, while still providing the same benefits of a non-stick surface. These newer non-stick pans are also claimed not to leach any unwanted chemicals into your food. These new lines of non-stick pans include ceramic, titanium, and enamel-coated pans.

Ceramic Non-Stick Pans

Ceramic is an inert and non-toxic material. Ceramic cookware does not leach chemicals into your food and doesn’t release toxins into the air. The most convenient feature of ceramic cookware is its non-stick surface. Additional advantages worth mentioning are that it can be used on nearly all types of heat sources and can go from the refrigerator or freezer, to the stove, and to the dining table. Ceramic pots and pans can be cleaned easily and quickly. Ceramic cookware has an attractive appearance and comes in a wide range of beautiful colors and different shapes and sizes.
You should use only wooden, bamboo, or silicone utensils as metal utensils can leave scratches and damage the ceramic coating.

Popular Brands include WearEver, Ozeri, Bialetti, Xtrema and Imperial Home.

Enamel-Coated Pans

Generally, not all brands enamel-coated cookware are fully non-stick, bat enamel coating has many advantages that feature non-stick cookware. It is very easy to maintain and you don’t have to deal with the constant seasoning process.

The base can be made of cast iron, steel, or aluminum. Enamel-coated pans are very versatile. They can go from the stove to the dining table. These pans are available in many different colors and look elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Some manufacturers use black enamel in the production of the coating. The matte black enamel has exceptional durability. Over time and with regular use, it develops a natural surface patina and gradually goes non-stick.
Enameled pans need special care to ensure that they do not get damaged. If you drop an enamel-coated pan accidentally, there is a risk of damaging. These pans cannot take very high temperatures (over 500 degrees) like traditional cast iron pans. You shouldn’t use metal utensils on an enamel coated pan, or otherwise, you’ll end up with a scratched pan. High-quality enamel coated cast iron pans are more expensive than ordinary frying pans, and with a good reason.

Popular Brands include Lodge, Cuisinart, Le Creuset, and Staub.

Titanium Pans

Titanium is an extremely strong, scratch-proof, non-porous and non-reactive material. Titanium cookware is inert and safe for cooking all kinds of food. The non-stick surface is great for people who are counting calories when cooking. You can actually cook without using any oil. Another nice feature of titanium nonstick pans is that you can just wipe it off with a towel after use. They are convenient for people with arthritis and ideal for campers because of their lightweight.
However, the price of titanium pans is not accessible to everyone.

Popular Brands include Anolon, Woll USA, EVERNEW, and Scanpan.

Video: When to Use (And Not Use) Non-Stick Pans


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